• Emanicpation Revelation Revolution: The Truth about Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs

    Guest Avail Nina May
    Writer, Producer and Director

    If Democrats are “teaching” Critical Race Theory, it has to include their history as the racist party. In fact, so racist, they fought a war to keep slavery alive while the Republican Party was founded specifically to abolish slavery.
    Will they teach that Democrats unanimously opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments?
    Will they teach that Democrats founded the KKK?
    How about those Jim Crow laws that were designed to keep blacks from voting because … at that time … they all voted Republican.
    After the civil war, the first 23 blacks in congress were all Republican. It was another 100 years before a black Democrat would get to congress. There could have been many more Barak Obamas as president if his own party had not segregated and disenfranchised blacks for decades.

    So … if you want the truth about the history of racism in America, visit ERRVideo.com and get the real facts. And if you still identify with the party of slavery and oppression, your racist agenda, to indoctrinate our kids, has been exposed.
  • Oxbow Advisors Ted Oakley avail week of Aug 23 – Economic Reports & Back to School

    Ted Oakley is the founder of Oxbow Advisors and was the co-founder of its predecessor firm, HPO Advisors. With more than forty years of experience in advising high net worth clients in the investment industry, Oakley implements the firm’s proprietary investment strategies and the “Oxbow Principles” to provide a unique investment perspective. Oakley is based in Austin, TX and has a studio in his office where he can Skype or Zoom.
  • Former Trump HHS Expert on VAXX - Why Trump Pushes Jab? - BREAKING: FBI Vindicates Patriots!

    Dr. Paul E. Alexander was Trump Administration HHS Expert, World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization peer-reviewed publisher of early treatment COVID treatment and joins Stew to discuss the push for the jab, including Trump's position that everyone "should get the vaccine".

    Cyrus A. Parsa is the founder of The AI Organization, and joins Stew to discuss the imminent threat to national security caused by the military's 'vaccine' mandate.

    BREAKING! The FBI has announced that Trump, along with Patriots and influencers at the January 6 rally have been VINDICATED! DeAnna Lorraine joins Stew to reveal the findings and discuss the motive behind the timely release of the DOJ statement.

    Rapid inflation of the cost of goods is sure to hit your pocketbook as market manipulation is at an all-time high. Carlos Cortez is our in-house financial expert, and he'll join Stew to discuss possible solutions.

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  • Charlie Kirk

    One week ago we were honored to be at SAS for Turning Point USA and we got the chance to interview the man himself "Charlie Kirk". We talk to Charlie about the great job he's done with Turning Point as well as parenting issues in the country.
  • Rafael Cruz - Integrity is Everything

    While at CPAC 2021 we were honored to sit down with Rafael Cruz the father of former presidential candidate and US Senator Ted Cruz. Rafael talks about the importance of keeping god first and the lessons that he taught Ted growing up. Tune into this episode as we do some Dad Talk.
  • Mo Brooks on Federal Incentives

    While at CPAC 2021 in Dallas Texas we were honored to sit down with Congressman Mo Brooks in what might be our favorite interview yet. Mo talks about the federal incentives and how they have destroyed the nuclear family. A must watch for anyone fighting for parental rights!
  • Ken Paxton on Title IVD

    While at CPAC 2021 in Dallas Texas we were honored to sit down with Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Amongst topics in this discussion was fathers rights, shared parenting and Title IVD.
  • Matt Gaetz on Shared Parenting

    US Florida Represenative Matt Gaetz caught up with us at CPAC 2021 to talk about shared parenting. Shared parenting was not only vetoed once but twice in the state of Florida, he discusses his concerns on the subject. Also we discuss him becoming a adopted father and how that changed his life.
  • Stephen Kendrick - Show Me The Father

    Stephen Kendrick alongside of his brother Alex have made some very powerful movies. Fireproof, Courageous, Overcomer, and coming up in October their new release "Show Me The Father". This new release dives into the root cause of fatherlessness. Join us for this amazing conversation.
  • 4th of July Weekend, Are We Watching a Movie?

    How a couple great movies can help you with homeschooling your kids and breaking the Communist prison. The latest news on the covid jab. We review the President Trump Rally and we dive into chemical toxins in our food from the deep state cabal.

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  • Ted Nugent - Chatting With Uncle Ted

    Tonight on Dad Talk Today we welcome the Motor City MadMan, The Nuge, Uncle Ted, the only and only TED Nugent. We discuss many things in this interview from hunting, politics, parenting, toxic masculinity, feminism, rock n roll, the hall of fame and much more. Be sure to tune in to one of the most entertaining episodes yet and join the electronic campfire broadcasted from TedQuarters!

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  • Mike Lindell Interview

    Mike Lindell founder and CEO of MyPillow comes again to Dad Talk to speak about the corrupt judicial and election process in the US. Coming soon a symposium with many demonstrations to effectively show everyone the attack on our nation. We also discuss his controversial interview with Jimmy Kimmel and struggle with addiction.