Steve Bannon Says The Real Target Is Christians


Steve Bannon Says The Real Target Is Christians.

The media has slandered nearly all leaders of faith from our beloved President Trump to Mike Lindell to Lin Wood to Sidney Powell to most in between who until they were attacked were all respected members of their various professions, and they all share one thing in common - a fairly recent coming to faith.

Steve Bannon, who is caricatured as the evil genius behind the scenes, just like the President, in contrast to his public image is kind, thoughtful and above all maddeningly smart says, “the real target of the secular left is Christians - they see believers as the major barrier to their globalist, secular, humanist takeover”. he says. 

It is refreshing to talk to someone who knows everything and can pull out from history, current events, personal experience and more, to advance an intelligent, Christian worldview that he refers to as the “fourth turning”, at his headquarters based around his daily TV show called “The War Room” which has nearly 60 million downloads from throughout the world, including a large portion overseas, many breaking through the censorship in Communist China. 

Bannon sees the coming of what he calls the “Fourth Turning”, an awakening that mirrors the “Fourth Great Awakening”, that almost 30 years ago, just behind Bannon’s “War Room”, another man, a beloved Christian leader founded “The War Room”, to mobilize prayer and minister to Capitol Hill to see God do the “Fourth Great Awakening” - it was the beloved Dick Simmons, who unbeknownst to each other, nearly 30 years before had lit the vision in his “War Room” which with his passing has passed on to the one carrying the name, just behind the lot.

Dick Simmons, “fourth great awakening” follows in the footsteps of the great J. Edwin Orr, the chronicler of Revival and Spiritual Awakening and traced the first Great Awakening, beginning in the 1730s that lead to American independence, the Second Great Awakening beginning about 1800 century and the third great awakening from the 1850’s, with many believing that the Fourth Great Awakening, including the beloved prayer warrior of Washington DC, the Fourth Great Awakening has begun.

Bannon, exemplifies the current movement which is led not by the established Church leaders, Seminary graduates and longtime believers, but instead by the “deplorables”, the forgotten men and forgotten women, the blue collars, for whom faith is a precious thing, many having come to faith later in life.

Bannon comes from a strong Irish Catholic family, who had the family in Church every Sunday and opposed the liberal moves of the Church in the 1970s, with his parents involved in the starting of a new Church in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia to reflect the most conservative values of many in the community. 

Bannon sees parallels in what is happening in China with the current US situation, saying, “China is not afraid of the economy, military, corporations, but their dictator is most afraid of the nearly 300 million Christians who cannot be bought or silenced - the fence we see across from us here is no different - they are afraid of the 80 million believers, no different than in China and that is who the fence is for”.

He continues “Remember, it was in the time of the persecuted Church that it flourished in the first century” he continues “It is precisely the current unimaginable persecution of believers that is taking us back to that time and reminding us that it is difficult times and persecution that in fact cause the Church to grow and it is time for us to all stop complaining, moping around and roll up our sleeves and get to work with hope that God is doing it again.”

Bannon’s message to believers is simple “Don’t be afraid. We will be held accountable for what we do in this life for Christ and His kingdom and I believe in the providence of God that has us all here for a purpose. Start praying - join Cheryl Chumley in the daily 8AM/8PM Prayer Club, if you are in the area join the Daly 7:30 and 12 Prayer on Capitol Hill, but pray as if your life depended on it - pray and fast and get busy in your community.”

Bannon points out one very simple place to start - nearly 200,000 local Precinct Captain spots remain open throughout the country in addition to numerous school board, city council as well as local, state and nationwide races that believers need to immediately become involved in as 2022 nears.

“Focus on what interests you - we are commanded to be the ‘salt of earth’ and we stood by while the secular, anti-Christian left took over education, politics, media and everything in our country and instead of complaining and sitting in the discouragement of our loss, it is time to stand up and take back what has been taken from us”.

Bannon has a special concern for a movement among the elite, little known in the US, but growing worldwide called “transhumanism” which he sees as the secular replacement for the human desire for eternal life and a faith and in many ways is becoming the ‘religion’ of the globalist, secular powers.

“Transhumanism is a diabolical movement of the elite that is growing worldwide that basically is attempting to merge human beings with advances in science, artificial intelligence, robotics and other advances in science to create “humans” with superhuman strength, brains and who will theoretically live forever in the cloud somewhere. It sounds like science fiction, but China among others has developed plans for super military forces and a recent report from Europe announced that the first “transhuman” had already been born”.

Bannon sees these and other developments by the anti-Christian, globalist secular forces who are determined to take over not only America but the world as simply an opportunity to see God work once again in the fourth great awakening and is convinced that believers, returning to their faith and putting that faith into action is the key to overcoming the current situation and taking America back.

“Please go to and you will be directed to specific areas you can get involved in from joining a local precinct board to running for office and fellow believers who are joining together as well as encouraging news and updates on the progress we are all making together in taking America back.”

Believers are asked to pray for Steve Bannon and his team, operating in a hostile, occupied Washington DC, literally across from the massive former “Green Zone” fencing, that although diminished, still remains,  that they will be protected, that believers will join in prayer and effort and that the tide will be turned back at or

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