Reasons Why Democrats Should be Nervous

Reasons Why Democrats Should be Nervous

Democrats are fiendishly shaking in their boots! They are doing everything in their power to stop the Arizona forensic audit. For months after the 2020 election, we were bombarded with fake news reports that there was absolutely no evidence of fraud. Yet, publicly available data revealed provable statistical anomalies and apparent mathematical impossibilities of which seemed to all be ignored. There were hundreds of affidavits from witnesses and even government officials like Scott Jared of Maricopa County who confirmed 11,000 over votes back in November.  

But wait, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Why are Democrats shaking in their boots about the Arizona forensic audit? Well here is a list why they should be nervous:

  • In Arizona there were over 34,000 people who could not establish citizenship at the time they voted. So most of these people voted provisionally. Those provisional ballots were counted and never checked to confirm or verify citizenship.
  • There were impossible vote spec tabulations of over 100,000 votes, instantaneous votes that came in faster than all the machines combined could process. Where did those votes come from?
  • There were records of 66,000 juvenile votes, which were illegal underage votes.
  • Nevada has already confirmed 44,000 duplicate votes which means the same person voted twice. And the spread in Nevada was only 33,000 votes.

This is just a few reasons why the Democrats are doing everything in their power to conceal and cover up what took place in Arizona. As a side note, the spread in Arizona was only 12,000 votes. Democrat Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs and dirty Republican, Doug Ducey are doing everything they can to prevent this audit from taking place or to discredit the results. Why? Because these are the alleged criminals who certified a fraudulent election, and they know it!

Get the popcorn ready because the Sugar Honey Ice-T is about to hit the fan!

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