New Video Shows Moment Leftist Political Candidate Threatens to Blow Up School Bus — And When Cop Comes Aboard and Threatens to Blow Her Away


Stunning new video the Post Millennial said it exclusively obtained video of a Muslim Washington state political candidate boarded a school bus with children headed to Chinook Middle School and told the bus driver she might have a bomb or a gun. Some of the kids got scared and left the bus through the back door. Ubax Gardheere called them cowards and said that they would be responsible if anything happened to the kids who were still on the bus.

Gardheere is currently the director of the Equitable Development Division in Seattle’s Office of Planning and Community Development. She is running for the King County Council, a place where radicals are accepted as the norm. Gardheere was hit with felony charges of kidnapping, but she was allowed to plead it down to a misdemeanor. She claimed she was suffering from postpartum depression from the son she gave birth to three years before.


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