Mike Lee, Klobuchar Urge FTC To ‘Consider All Available Options’ Against Facebook


A bipartisan group of lawmakers consisting of Sen Mike lee, Sen Amy Klobuchar, Reps. David Cicilline and Ken Buck wrote to the FTC urging them to not give up the fight against Facebook, who won the first round in court. However, even though they lost, the judge gave them a clear path to what they have to do to win the rematch. Instead of appealing, they will file a new suit, tailored to pass muster with the same judge or any other who would hear the case.

The lawmakers wrote:

“It is essential that the Commission take action to deter anticompetitive conduct by digital monopolists by ensuring that they are held liable for antitrust violations to the full extent of the law. Competition and innovation in America’s digital economy depend on it.”

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