Medical establishment attempts to MEMORY HOLE “natural immunity” while post-vaccine outbreaks strike cruise lines and hundreds of doctors


In the latest insane push for vaccine fanaticism at the expense of legitimate science, the medical establishment is now trying to memory hole any mention of “natural immunity” in previous pandemics, hoping that humanity will forget about the very existence of the human immune system. The only route to immunity, according to corrupt, quack science “officials” like those from the CDC, FDA and WHO, is to receive a vaccine injection. Thus, natural antibodies don’t count, they claim.

Even the Mayo Clinic is now retroactively removing natural immunity content from its own website. As explained by Children’s Health Defense:

Until recently, the Mayo Clinic reported that individuals who survived the 1918 influenza pandemic were immune, 92 years later, to H1N1 influenza. However as economist Jon Sanders noted, the Mayo Clinic removed the mention of 1918 influenza immunity from its website this spring. And late last year, the WHO was caught attempting to unscientifically exclude “immunity developed through previous infection” from the very definition of herd immunity.

Why, asks Sanders, are Americans being kept in the dark about the fact that so many “have faced COVID-19 and won” — and, therefore, “don’t need a vaccine?”

The answer, of course, is that if health authorities recognized the role of natural immunity, they wouldn’t be able to achieve their depopulation / extermination goals by vaccinating 70% of U.S. adults with a deadly bioweapon. If natural immunity were recognized, then a simple antibody test would confirm a person doesn’t need a vaccine since they’ve already conquered covid on their own.

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