Breaking News - Real President Says I Have Not Conceded!


The Real President Says I Have Not Conceded!

In a series of interviews, the real President, Donald J. Trump was very clear in his message to the nearly 80 million who voted him overwhelmingly into office in November, 2020, said, “I have never conceded” in answer to the question of the election that took place nearly seven months ago.

It was clear from the words of the real president that he was pained at the terrible things that have befallen his beloved country and he explained it by saying, “It is sadly Bernie Sanders times ten and what is happening to our nation from the border situation, to the way the world is eating our lunch,  to the attack on faith, on life and our very values, it is very sad” the real President continued.

Nearly 70% of republicans believe strongly the election was stolen and a stunning 30% believe the President will be installed in office by August, following the dramatic forensic audits beginning in key battleground states.

The real President was clear on his  faith, “Evangelicals and Christians generally, what is going on with this administration is not what they talked about during the debates. Christians are feeling that way very strongly and are now seeing the very things we were warning them on. I was fortunate to be able to get there Supreme Court Justices, over 300 judges that nobody thought would happen. Very few have done what I have done for Christians” he continued.

When asked about the former Vice President, the real President said very clearly that Pence who was recently booed and shouted down with calls of “traitor” at his first speech days ago, the real President said, “I am close to the Vice President, but I am very disappointed with him because he had the opportunity to do something at that critical moment when the unverified state reports were coming in which has been overwhelmingly confirmed by recent events and if he had done the right thing there would have been a different outcome”.

The ever positive,  real President who grew up under the Minstry of the Power of Positive Thinking author, and Pastor of the Marble Collegiate Church in New York City, under the care of his gold mother, the real President was full of hope, saying, “Of course I am disappointed with what happened, but in a cryptic word to all those who have betted against Donald J. Trump and failed, “second guessing does no good, but stay tuned”, when asked about the many who believe he will be back in office by August, continuing with, “I am not involved but with the unprecedented cheating that is coming out, I am leaving it to others - stay tuned”.

For believers who make up the majority of the 80 million, hope is in the air and as the scripture says, Genesis 50:20, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today”, reflecting the words of bestselling author of “God and Cancel Culture”, Stephen Strang who says, “We must be like the gentle Jesus even as we fight Bayles for the soul of our nation”.

“Stay tuned” were the quiet, confident words of the real President as he addressed the over 80 million, mostly believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, who overwhelmingly elected him as President in November of 2020 and expect him back in office shortly.