Biden’s Border Crisis: Yet Another Dismal Threat to the National Security of the U.S.

Biden’s Border Crisis: Yet Another Dismal Threat to the National Security of the U.S.

Remember the days when fake media news sources were chopping at the bits about the border crisis during President Trump’s time in office? Well, it appears that the mainstream media has nothing to say about the current border crisis. A recent New York post noted: “Since the Biden administration eased restrictions at the border earlier this year, federal agents have seen a surge of illegal immigrants attempting to cross, with dramatic increases in single adults, unaccompanied children and members of ‘transnational criminal organizations’.”

We all remember Joe Biden sitting before a stack of executive orders, rolling back every thing accomplished under the Trump administration concerning the border legislation. What exactly has been the result of Joe Biden’s moronic decisions? 

According to The Spector, “agents working in the El Paso Sector have so far detained 155,892 people in 2021.” This is almost triple the 54,396 in the fiscal year of 2020! The number of attacks against agents have nearly doubled from 23 in 2020 to 40 so far in the El Paso Secor alone, according to the New York Post. The same source noted an overwhelming increase in “stash houses” where smugglers and drug traffickers hold kidnapped migrants and often try to extort their families in the US for cash to release them. Agents have busted 270 stash houses this year and also seized 5,936 pounds of marijuana, 683 pounds of methamphetamine, and 336 pounds of cocaine, she said. Forty-four pounds of deadly fentanyl and 37 pounds of heroin were also seized.”

Not to mention, while the Liar and Thief Joe Biden is busy mandating Americans to take an unsafe vaccine, illegal immigrants are flooding across our borders without even being tested for COVID-19! Even more appalling, A group of Republican lawmakers who visited the El Paso Sector in March told reporters that some of the illegals who were caught are actually in the U.S. Terrorism watch list! That’s right, the Customs and Border Protection Agency confirmed to Congress that four people who were detained matched the names of those on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening database, according to the report.

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